The Awakening

Bison, The Spiritual Animal Of Our Times

There is a raw and powerful energy in bison’s muscular and imposing physical appearance; at the same time there is also fragility and calmness with it. I have been to see some in person; it was breathtaking to feel such huge creatures move by so close, with their large heads almost touching the ground and their humps rising above their great, forward thrusting shoulders.

Calmness, yet also a kind of dormant strength radiates from them when they quietly move. There is an atmosphere of majesty, earnestness, tenderness and peace – an impression of immensity that is difficult to express without experiencing by being in their presence. It is both therapeutic and blissful experience.

The spiritual experience touched me. A deep feeling of sorrow and compassion came over me when I recognized our souls' reflection in these beautiful beasts; I feel echoes of the sufferer and of humanity’s experience in a brutal and manipulative World. But I also felt a warm sensation grow in my heart - the simultaneous qualities in bison of power and vulnerability relate directly to the human condition.

This collection expresses the inner turmoil of the bison on my ink drawings, along with my intimate poetry on conversation with myself, to explore and reveal compassion and beauty in the imperfectness. From the bison’s bold physicality, developing to abstract mindscapes, the journey represents a search in emptiness and seeks for spiritual awakening.

In the later stage of my drawings, there are no more bison or forms but a true unity of body and mind. It comes to a beautiful void, an open mindfulness. Awakening is courage to face, embrace and release the truth of a heart and its real needs.

The collection can be viewed at CHARBON art space in Hong Kong from 14 October until 11 November 2017.