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  • Fist
    Poetry, drawings & photographs
  • HK$ 100
  • English
  • Softcover
    21 cm X 14.8 cm
    28 pages
    First Edition of 120 numbered copies
    Color digital print on wood-free paper
    Printed in Hong Kong
  • International shipping
  • About the book:
    This work is composed of a series of poetry, drawings and photographs in which the artist expresses her feelings about our society today.

    "Our society is in a deepest solitude. Something is going wrong. I think about my mother, my homeland and people under pressure. My pen is my fist. I write to protest.”

    Also, FIST is a monologue to respond to her ongoing art project UNDER PRESSURE. In the project artist creates multi media artworks inspired by research on people who suffered from different degrees of physical and psychological pressure.